La Pensione di Vignamaggio welcomes guests into its heart and shares with them its fresh new views on love:

Contemporary, Unconventional, Irreverent.

La Pensione  merges Decameronian pleasures of the mind with contemporary art-deco design, creating an intriguing and stimulating space where guests can immerse themselves in Boccaccio’s tales, cocooned in the palazzo’s welcoming ambience.

The heart of the hotel, the Decameron Bar, dreamlike and telescopic in appearance, presides over a space whose colourful walls and 50’s style couches, seats and tables playfully foster the spirit of  ‘lounge and talk’, evoking that ‘pleasure in each other’s company’ that permeates Boccaccio’s tales.

The bar is both meeting place and performance space, but more than that, it is also the heart of a design concept that extends throughout the to create an ongoing tale.

A distinctive decorative feature is La Pensione di Vignamaggio's mural art work: stylised scenes depicting the characters in all the attitudes, gestures and expressions that capture Boccaccio’s revolutionary, unconventional and timeless perspective on love.


If the interiors revel in their unique design concept, La Pensione di Vignamaggio's garden, with its rosemary, roses and jasmine plants, provides an idyllic setting for Boccaccio’s presentation of life as a sensual experience fused with intellectual values.

The garden extends into the internal courtyard where breakfast is served daily and from where a stone path leads into the olive grove. Here the gaze falls on the hills beyond and the majestic Vignamaggio and Vitigliano villas that dominate the valley below. 


La Pensione di Vignamaggio's private swimming pool is a quiet and peaceful oasis, offering ultimate relaxation and making your stay even more memorable with its breathtaking view of the surrounding hills. Discovered by wandering along surrounding terraces, it offers visitors iconic views of the Tuscan countryside.